Olay Olay!

Olay is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Yet through all the changes and innovations, the philosophy remains just as relevant as ever: Helping women look and feel beautiful. My mom has been using Olay total effects day cream since the past 2 years and recently asked me to try out their new version after watching a few ads. In India they started off with a bang launching the Olay Total Effects 7-in-one Anti Ageing lotion which was recently replaced by the Olay Total Effects 7-in-one day cream touch of foundation.  Fighting 7 signs of ageing with a proven vitamin-rich anti-ageing formula, the touch of sheer foundation has been added to this wonder lotion!Image

I have to agree I was awestruck by this product! An oil-free, fast absorbing cream the Olay touch of sheer foundation is similar to your regular BB cream but with added benefits like reduced fine lines and wrinkles, uneven tone, age spot reduction etc.  Let’s face it whether you’re in your 20‘s or 30’s sign problems start appearing even before you learn their name! With the constantly rising pollution levels we have got to find the products which will help us preserve our affected skin. The Olay touch of sheer foundation leaves your face looking even, brightened and can actually reduce the appearance of pores..(trust me its magical)! To add on it hides fine lines and under eye circles to some extent too, providing a nice glow to face. The hydrating effect remains for about 4-5 hours. Priced at 799 Rs for 50g the product comes with SPF 15 and is suitable for all skin types!Image


Next product I picked up from my Olay Haul was the moisturizing cream with an intention of using it as a night cream as I found it a bit thick for the day time. I have combination skin and the cream left my t-zone oily throughout the day so I would not suggest this product for people with oily skin. One positive thing I would love to say is that it has a strong scent – somewhat like roses to me which lasts on my skin throughout the night. It takes some time to absorb into the skin which is why I would advise people with oily skin to wear it before going to bed. For normal to dry skins I would advise, use this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night in circular motions for complete product penetration. Priced at 210 Rs for 50g I found it definitely rich in moisture, however personally i wouldn’t purchase it again.Image

Moving on to cleansers I was initially confused between Neutrogena and Olay..But decided to go with two of the Olay Cleansers! First I picked the Olay Total Effects 7 foaming cleanser, as it claimed to give 7 cleansing benefits in 1..(who wouldn’t be drawn to that!). The product is a foaming white color cream which helps wash away impurities, excess oil, and the best part…makeup! I used it after a night-out with heavy makeup and it gently washed away the traces of my makeup without over drying my skin or making it flaky! A small amount of the product is enough as it lathers up into thick foam, though one thing I would prefer in the cleanser is smell. If you wear a lot of makeup, or waterproof makeup, you may want to use makeup remover before using this product. Personally, I’d rather use a cleanser that takes it all off as its helps me avoid any extra steps with extra products at night. Priced at 125 Rs for 50g it is definitely a product you shouldn’t miss out on!

With the Olay Total Effects 7 foaming cleanser I was also looking for a product specially for my oily skin type when I came across Olay’s Clarity Fresh Cleanser for oily to combination skin. This is a whole new way to improve your oily and combination oily skin – Olay Clarity Fresh Cleanser instantly washes away excess oil, dirt and make-up, restoring skin to a refreshed, naturally balanced conditions.  The rich lather contains refreshing menthol and natural herb extract which leave skin clean without over-tightening. A very small quantity is needed for the face and it does not leave your skin stretchy or dry (as most face washes meant for oily skin do). It did not clear my existing acne, but did not aggravate them either. With a pleasant smell which is not overpowering the oil control factor remained active for 2-3 hours only after which I had to use my powdered compact. Priced at 135 Rs for 100g it is a great cleanser which would suit oily-skinned beauties. If you are looking for a change in your skin-care routine, do give these Olay products a try!


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